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Pregnancy & Postpartum package 

- you take care of baby, we'll take care of you! - 

  • 2 in-person and 1 virtual one-on-one sessions with a women's health physical therapist specialty trained in pregnancy and postpartum care

  • 3 virtual, one-on-one sessions with a registered dietitian and licensed exercise instructor trained in women’s health, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition

  • Sessions throughout pregnancy and postpartum time frame to ensure you are supported and empowered every step of the way

  • Email communication between sessions to provide continued assistance, knowledge and encouragement!

What’s included:

With the pelvic physio you receive:

  • Treatment and education for pregnancy- related pain/symptoms, labor/delivery positioning, and proper pushing techniques for optimal birth outcomes

  • Activity modifications, core exercise, breast/bottle feeding postures, and symptom management during the first 6 weeks post-partum

  • Individualized evaluation and instruction on returning to exercise and intercourse, progressing core and pelvic floor strength, healing diastasis and reaching postpartum goals beyond 6 weeks

  • Education on symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and how to address them should they arise

With Nourished for Life you receive:

  • A tailored, balanced nutrition plan to meet your individual needs and goals

  • Help through gestational diabetes, thyroid issues, or any other pregnancy-related health concerns that arise

  • Management of pregnancy symptoms

  • Postpartum support in weight goals, breast milk supply, fatigue and hormone changes

  • Advice on the appropriate prenatal vitamin and other supplements

**Services can be altered depending on where you are at in your pregnancy and postpartum journey!


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